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Feasibility Study for Law Enforcement Services Shared with City Council

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On June 3, City Council was presented the findings of the Police Department Feasibility Study. Earlier this year, the City Manager informed City Council the City would conduct a feasibility study to have a better understanding of the required components to stand up an in-house police department. The report informs City Council on issues and key functions to consider such as staffing, equipment, building/space, accreditation along with a variety of options and budget estimates. Centennial has previously conducted contract assessments and a comparison of law enforcement services with a local peer city. However, these assessments did not provide a cost estimate for what it would take to stand up our own police department. Therefore, the City commissioned this feasibility study to determine cost and compare it with the current model.

“The feasibility study provides a cost comparison between the contract model and a City operated Police Department as well as a framework should the City ever decide to stand up its own police department or the Arapahoe County Board of Commissioners decides to move away from the current model,” says Centennial City Manager Matt Sturgeon. “Public safety is the highest priority for the Centennial and it is critical the City always be prepared for a possible transition.”

The election of a new sheriff provided an opportunity for the City to review the existing agreement, or contract between the City and Arapahoe County. The agreement granted the City 180 days from when a new Sheriff took office to consider exiting the partnership. The City took this opportunity to review what was currently in place, provided time for Sheriff Brown to transition into his role and for the City to work with him and his team to discuss the terms of the contract, and decide what works for each party. 

While the feasibility study was being conducted, staff from the City and the Sheriff’s Office evaluated the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for law enforcement services, and identified a few specific areas to be updated. Some key changes created more flexibility for both parties, clarified the need for joint cooperation in the event of a transition, and the Sheriff’s Office agreed to create a Centennial Public Safety Advisory Group. On May 20, City Council approved these amendments to the IGA with Arapahoe County for law enforcement services. 

Since Centennial’s incorporation in 2001, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office has provided law enforcement services.  The City remains satisfied with the work of the Sheriff’s Office and appreciates the dedication of the women and men serving the City of Centennial. 

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